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The more JPMiles you earn with Jet Airways and other programme partners, the quicker you will qualify for an Award Flight to your dream destination.

Check how many JPMiles you can earn every time you fly and how many JPMiles you need for Award Flights on Jet Airways, Etihad Airways and any of our 20+ Airline Partners with the following interactive Mileage Calculator.

You can use your JPMiles for Award Flights or for Cabin Upgrades. Check how many JPMiles you will need for your next flight on Jet Airways, Etihad Airways or our 20+ Airline Partners with our interactive Mileage Calculator / Mileage Chart.

Note: The JPMiles mentioned below are required per passenger for the sectors redeemed and are indicative / may vary based on the redemption structure on various Airlines. Origin and Destinations for various Airlines are updated from time to time, please refer to the individual Airline websites for the latest information. Redemption of JPMiles is not available on Codeshare flights.

Taxes, surcharges and fees are applicable in addition to the redemption mileage required. Effective 17th Aug ’16, Carrier charges will be applicable for all Jet Award bookings. All JetPrivilege Award tickets are subject to taxes, surcharges, fees and any other charges applicable at the time of issuing the JetPrivilege award ticket. Carrier charges will be applied on a per segment per passenger basis and will be collected in addition to all statutory taxes, charges, fees & levies currently applicable. Check the carrier charge required for your next award flight.

Effective 01st November 2017, all award travel booked against JPMiles and ticketed on or after 01st November 2017 will attract a revised rate as per the below grid. Detailed view of required number of JPMiles for any sector.

Members will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements like visa, insurance and other necessary documentations needed for their international travel. One-Cabin Upgrade using JPMiles is available only on flights operated and marketed by Jet Airways. JetPrivilege programme Terms & Conditions apply.

The below JPMiles required for redemption are for direct flights only. If the sector is not operating a direct flight, the JPMiles required will be a combination of JPMiles required between the different sectors of the journey starting from the origin to the destination.

Note: Please check your booked travel class on the revenue ticket and select the same for Cabin Upgrade using JPMiles.

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