Use JPMiles

JPMiles - Free Flight to your Dream Destination

It’s time to turn those JPMiles into your dream vacation! As a JetPrivilege member you can use your JPMiles for Award Flights on Jet Airways, Etihad Airways or any of our 20+ Airline Partners. That’s not all you can choose from over 1000 new ways to redeem your JPMiles on the JetPrivilege Reward Store for the perfect reward. You can also make your next flight more comfortable and use your JPMiles to upgrade your seat.

Learn how to redeem your JPMiles below:

Reward Store

Redeem JPMiles Online

  • Redeem your JPMiles for Award Flights to over 1,000 destinations

JPMiles Upgrade

  • Use JPMiles for a One-cabin upgrade on your Revenue Tickets.

Gift or Transfer JPMiles

  • Gift or transfer JPMiles to any JetPrivilege member.

Mileage Calculator

  • Check how many JPMiles you can earn or redeem on various sectors.

Redeem JPMiles to book a Hotel

  • Use your JPMiles for booking hotels around the world!
JetPrivilege:Multiple ways to use your JPMiles, getting you closer to your dream destination.
JPMilesJPMiles are the programme currency of JetPrivilege. Each time you fly or transact with any of our 150+ programme partners you could earn JPMiles. They are equivalent to reward points of other loyalty programmes.