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Key Points you need to know about My Family+ programme
  • The Head of the Family (HOF) and Members of the Family (MOFs) (including children ages 2 to 11 years) must be JetPrivilege members first before becoming part of a MyFamily+ association
  • As a HOF, you can nominate up to 7 members of your immediate family (first degree of separation) to join your MyFamily+ association
  • The MyFamily+ association will be made active only after all invited family members (MOFs) accept the invitation and complete the verification process. Additionally a one-time charge of 1,000 JPMiles is debited from the HOF's account prior to activation.
  • The HOF can still add family members to the MyFamily+ association post activation, however the HOF will be charged 250 JPMiles for every family member added (the process to add members, post and pre activation, remains the same)
  • By accepting the invitation and clearing the verification process the MOF is authorising the HOF to have access to their account's JPMiles balance and to pool-in their JPMiles at any given point of time
  • Only the HOF has the authority to pool-in JPMiles from the MOF's account and JPMiles once pooled cannot be transferred back or disputed by the MOF
  • The pooled in JPMiles can only be redeemed by the HOF for Award Flights for either himself/herself, the MOFs or anyone else

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