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An Award Winning Loyalty & Rewards Program

Introduced in 1994, the JetPrivilege programme has become one of the most trusted service brands in the world, growing stronger over the last 5 years as an award-winning loyalty and rewards programme, an independent entity part of the Etihad Aviation Group.

At JetPrivilege we strive at fulfilling aspirations through memorable and rewarding experiences. We want to make a difference in the lives of our members by rewarding them every day for doing what they love the most. Bringing the thought to life are our 150+ programme partners, across multiple categories - be it travel, lifestyle, financial services, hospitality, e-commerce, to name a few. We offer our members multiple avenues to earn JPMIles – the reward currency of the programme. All these accumulated JPMiles can then be redeemed for a reward of your choice be it for Flights, Hotel Stays, Fuel or 2500+ merchandise options at the JetPrivilege Reward Store.

Continue to grow in your journey, curating fond memories now and always, be it for work or leisure.


DISCLAIMER: All the information/content/values displayed in the above video hold accurate as of 3rd July, 2019 and JPPL has the right to change any feature in the video at its sole discretion.

Come be part of our programme and experience the benefits that millions of our members enjoy every single day. Enrol now and start your rewarding journey today!

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  • Partner 1 Of 5 - Jet Airways
  • Partner 2 Of 5 - Delta
  • Partner 3 Of 5 - Hong Kong Airlines
  • Partner 4 Of 5 - Fiji Airways
  • Partner 5 Of 5 - Jetstar

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Earn up to 6 JPMiles per INR 100 spent
JPMilesJPMiles are the programme currency of JetPrivilege. Each time you fly or transact with any of our 150+ programme partners you could earn JPMiles. They are equivalent to reward points of other loyalty programmes.
Bonus JPMilesBonus JPMiles are the additional JPMiles awarded to JetPrivilege Members as a part of an on-going promotion (Double JPMiles on flying Mumbai - Delhi from 1st Jan - 31st March etc.). Bonus JPMiles are also offered for specific activities & milestones (500 JPMiles for every flight booked on jetairways.com, First flight bonus of 250 JPMiles etc.)
Award FlightAn Award Flight is a free ticket available to members against redemption of JPMiles. The airline does not charge for the ticket. However, airport taxes, duties, levies, government and any other external charges like service tax have to be paid by the member.