Due to temporary suspension of Jet Airways flight operations, some of the below FAQs may not be applicable.

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  • Accrual Activity

    An accrual activity is defined as any transaction you do with JetPrivilege Programme Partners which earn you JPMiles (flying on Jet Airways, swiping our co-brand cards etc.).
  • Award Flight

    An Award Flight is a ticket available to members against redemption of JPMiles for travel on Jet Airways or Airline Partners. Award tickets are subject to taxes, surcharges, fees and any other charges applicable at the time of issuing Award ticket.


  • Base JPMiles

    Base JPMiles are awarded to JetPrivilege Members for their travel between an origin and destination and are calculated on the basis of IATA Ticketed Point Mileage.
  • Bonus JPMiles

    Bonus JPMiles are the additional JPMiles that may be awarded to JetPrivilege Members as a part of on-going promotions (Double JPMiles on flying Mumbai - Delhi from 1st Jan - 31st March etc.). Bonus JPMiles are also offered for specific activities & milestones (250 JPMiles for every flight booked on, First flight bonus of 250 JPMiles etc.)


  • Cabin Bonus JPMiles

    Cabin Bonus JPMiles are the additional JPMiles awarded based on the the Cabin Class flown on Jet Airways, i.e. Première / Business Class or First Class and the applicable Fare Choices. They are awarded as a percentage of the Base JPMiles earned.
  • Cabin / Cabin Class

    Airlines typically offer three classes of service - Economy, Première / Business Class and First Class. These are referred to as Cabin Class. Each offers a different set of facilities, privileges and opportunities to earn JPMiles.
  • Claim Past Miles

    If a JetPrivilege Member has missed out on earning JPMiles on a prior flight because they did not quote their membership number at the time of booking, they can claim the JPMiles for that flight; known as 'Claim Past Miles' or 'Retro-credit of your JPMiles'.
  • Class of Travel

    'Class of Travel' are the booking codes used by the airline to identify the class of service and the associated fare. Each class of travel represents different kinds of tickets/Fare Choices - Flex (L, N, U, T, M, Y); Classic (K, S, Q); Saver (V, H), Deal (O, W) and Light (B). The booking code used by airlines is typically (but not always), the first letter of the fare and are usually shown on your ticket as an alphabet (e.g. Y, J, C, F, P etc.)
  • Codeshare flights

    A codeshare flight is a type of commercial flight that is operated by one airline (say Airline A) while the tickets for this flight are not only sold by Airline A, but also by other airlines (Airline B, C & D). The airline that actually runs the flight and is responsible for all the services provided, is called the 'operating carrier' (Airline A) while the airlines that sell tickets on other airlines are known as 'marketing carriers' (Airline B, C & D).


  • Extended Review

    Our Dynamic Tier Review system reviews Tier Points and Tier JPMiles earned in a 12 month time-frame preceding your tier review date. If the 12-month criteria is not met, then the 18-month time-frame will be considered and if the 18-month criteria is not met, then the 24-month time-frame will be considered. The 18 and 24 month criteria are called extended reviews.


  • Fast-Track Upgrade

    On a daily basis, our Dynamic Tier Review system looks at the Tier Points and Tier JPMiles earned in the preceding 180 days; offering faster tier upgrades based on frequency and recency of travel. This is known as a Fast-Track Upgrade.


  • IATA

    International Air Transport Associations the global trade association for the airline industry. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and helps to formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.
  • Involuntary Upgrade

    Involuntary Cabin Upgrades are upgrades that are done without using Cash or JPMiles, usually at the discretion of the Airline


  • JPMiles

    JPMiles are the programme currency of JetPrivilege. Each time you fly or transact with any of our 150+ programme partners you could earn JPMiles. They are equivalent to reward points of other loyalty programmes.


  • One Cabin Upgrade

    One Cabin Upgrade is a feature that allows JetPrivilege Members booked against a revenue ticket on a Jet Airways marketed & operated flight to upgrade from one cabin to the next higher cabin (from Economy to Première or from Première to First) by using upgrade vouchers or JPMiles.


  • Personally Identifiable Information

    Personally identifiable information (PII) is any data that could potentially identify a specific individual. Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another and can be used for de-anonymizing anonymous data can be considered PII.


  • Revenue Flights

    Revenue flights are those where complete payment for booking the flight is done using Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/Wallets etc. No JPMiles should be redeemed for booking this flight.


  • Ticketed Point Mileage

    Ticketed Point Mileage is calculated by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is defined as the distance between an origin point and destination point using direct, non-stop sector miles (not kilometers).
  • Tier Bonus JPMiles

    Tier Bonus JPMiles are additional JPMiles awarded based on your membership tier when flying Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Air Seychelles, Air Serbia & Jet Airways Codeshare flights.
  • Tier Points

    The JetPrivilege Programme structure has levels or tiers. JetPrivilege members can earn "Tier Points" based on whether they are flying on a Jet Airways flight (International flight or domestic) or Jet Airways Codeshare flight, the Cabin and Fare Choices. Tier points (along with Tier JPMiles) are used to determine their programme tier level at the time of renewal & upgrade.
  • Tier Miles

    The JetPrivilege Programme structure has levels or tiers. JetPrivilege members can earn "Tier Miles" based on the Cabin Class, Class of Travel, and Fare Choices made when they are flying on Jet Airways or Jet Airways Codeshare flights. Tier Miles include only Base JPMiles and Cabin Bonus JPMiles (Note: it does not include Tier Bonus or any other Bonus JPMiles). Tier Miles (along with Tier Points) are used to determine their programme tier level at the time of renewal & upgrade.