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Earn JPMiles to get closer to your Free Flight
Be it travel, photography, music, astronomy, food, shopping or simply our job, most of us are passionate about something. Something that makes us feel truly alive. And we often go out of our way to make time to keep pursuing it. So, wouldn’t it be great, if someone rewarded us for doing what we love
Due to the temporary suspension of Jet Airways operations, accrual and redemption of JPMiles on Partner flights is currently limited to Etihad Airways. Members can still earn JPMiles for bookings made via Select Flights

Every time you book a flight with Etihad Airways or any of our 20+ Airline Partners, you earn JPMiles. But there are multiple other ways to top up your JPMiles balance. You can earn JPMiles every time you transact with our 150+ partners across multiple categories. So, no matter what you love doing, “Your passion can take you places".


Earn Miles on your flights

You earn JPMiles when you fly with Etihad Airways or book via Select Flights. All you have to do is mention your JetPrivilege membership number each time you book a flight. For travel with partner airlines, you can still claim your missing JPMiles within 6 months.

Earn more JPMiles even when you’re not flying!

You can also earn JPMiles across our 10+ categories at over 150 programme partners every time you:



Swipe any of our Co-brand Cards for your everyday spends



Stay with any of our Hotel Partners



Shop with our Retail Partners



Dine with our Dining Partners

And many more! To view our other programme partners, Click Here

Special promotions

Our airline and non-airline partners regularly offer special promotions, making it even easier for you to earn JPMiles and reach an Award Flight faster. Click here to check special promotions from our partners and accelerate your JPMiles earnings.

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Earn up to 6 JPMiles per INR 100 spent

JPMiles are the programme currency of JetPrivilege. Each time you fly or transact with any of our 150+ programme partners you could earn JPMiles. They are equivalent to reward points of other loyalty programmes.

Award Flight

An Award Flight is a free ticket available to members against redemption of JPMiles. The airline does not charge for the ticket. However, airport taxes, duties, levies, government and any other external charges like service tax have to be paid by the member.

Claim Missing Miles

If a JetPrivilege Member has missed out on earning JPMiles on a prior flight because they did not quote their membership number at the time of booking, they can claim the JPMiles for that flight; known as 'Claim Missing Miles' or 'Retro-credit of your JPMiles'