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Write reviews on TripAdvisor and earn JPMiles

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Write reviews on Tripadvisor and earn JPMiles

JPMiles earning on each review topic:

  • Hotels - Write 2 reviews each month and earn up to 200 JPMiles
  • Restaurants – Write 5 reviews each month and earn up to 75 JPMiles
  • Attractions – Write 10 reviews each month and earn up to 75 JPMiles

Register here with your JetPrivilege number, write a review to start earning JPMiles.

Submit reviews if already a member.

Terms and Conditions

  • JetPrivilege members must register for the promotion on before they can start earning JPMiles
  • Each published review gets you JPMiles. The number of JPMiles varies and is visible on the review page next to the JPMiles icon
  • Maximum of 1,525 JPMiles would be credited in any calendar month. Reviews of no more than 2 hotels, 10 attractions and 5 restaurants would be eligible for JPMiles in any calendar month
  • JPMiles will be credited to members qualifying to earn JPMiles through this promotion, in the subsequent month to the month in which reviews are submitted. Depending on the number of eligible reviews published within a month, TripAdvisor will credit the appropriate number of JPMiles to the particular JetPrivilege account within the subsequent month.
  • JPMiles offer is not valid for reviews written through TripAdvisor App

    Partner Information

    TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel community where you can get real information, advice, and opinions from millions of travelers to plan and take your perfect trip. TripAdvisor is a place you can go for insights and tips, a place that is literally alive with experiences and opinions. It's a place that feels like a local neighborhood coffee shop, a café, a pub. A friendly and relaxed community filled with unscripted and honest conversations between travelers like you.

    TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 260 million unique monthly visitors**, and over 125 million reviews and opinions covering more than 3.1 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions.

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