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Live it up with our lifestyle partners

Earn 5 JPMiles on every INR 100/- spent

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Live it up with our lifestyle partners

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Offer Summary

Book your holiday package at JetEscapes Holidays and earn 5 JPMiles on every INR 100 spent.

Offer Applicability

  • Remember to quote your JetPrivilege membership number at the time of booking
  • JetPrivilege members will earn JPMiles for their individual package cost only

    Partner Information

    Jet Airways presents JetEscapes Holidays – a one stop shop for amazing vacations and weekend getaways across our network.

    Earn JPMiles whether you are travelling alone or as a couple on a romantic journey, or simply enjoying a fun-filled family holiday with JetEscapes holidays.JetEscapes offers the finest holidays to suit your specific requirements. JetEscapes Holidays include air travel, transfers, accommodation, sightseeing and travel insurance.

    Partner Contact Details

    Toll Free Number: 1800 209 6101
    (For users in India only)
    Telephone: +91 22 672 47 100
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