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Jetair Tours – JetPrivilege Conversion Partner
Jetair Tours

Earn 5 JPMiles for every INR 100/- spent

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Offer Overview

Offer Summary

JetPrivilege members can take a vacation with Jetair Tours and avail:

  • 5 JPMiles for every INR 100 spent on any product that you purchase for yourself, your family or friends
  • Exclusive offers on Jetair Tours’ products and services along with unbelievable value adds

Terms and Conditions

  • JetPrivilege members earn 10 JPMiles for every INR100 spent on purchase of a Jetair Tours product. For the purpose of calculation of JPMiles earned, the package cost will be rounded off to the nearest hundred.
  • JetPrivilege member will earn JPMiles on the total package value for e.g. if there are 3 passengers booked in the package, JetPrivilege member will earn JPMiles for the total value of the package paid for 3 passengers
  • JetPrivilege member will earn JPMiles even for packages purchased by the member but where the member is not a part of the passengers booked in the package
  • To earn JPMiles, the invoice needs to be in the name of the JetPrivilege member
  • In case there are any government levies like service tax, sales tax, etc., JPMiles will be earned on the amount excluding these tax components. JetPrivilege members can book up to 3 packages per month under this scheme. Jetair Tours reserves the right to call and confirm bookings made by JetPrivilege members
  • JPMiles will be credited to the JetPrivilege account in the month following the date of completed travel. JetPrivilege members must allow a minimum of 21 days for JPMiles to be credited E.g. If a JetPrivilege member travels from September 28, 2017 – October 1, 2017 JPMiles will be credited to the JetPrivilege account only after November 1, 2017
  • JetPrivilege members are not eligible for JPMiles of any free packages that may be available through promotional or any other offers
  • To claim retro credit of JPMiles, please provide your package invoice copy to the JetPrivilege Service Centre
  • To earn JPMiles, the invoice needs to be in the name of the JetPrivilege member who has paid for the package. If the package includes passengers who are JetPrivilege members but who have not paid for the package, JPMiles will be credited only to the account of the JetPrivilege member who has paid for the package
  • In addition to any JPMiles earned on the Jetair Tours package, JetPrivilege members may be eligible to earn JPMiles on any 9W flights along with the package, subject to Jet Airways’ rules and regulations
  • All terms and conditions are subject to change by Jetair Tours without notice

    Partner Information

    Jetair Tours offers Indian & international holidays & hotels, cruises and a host of other products and services.

    Partner Contact Details

    Telephone Ahmedabad: +91 79 27544133 and +91 79 27544138
    Telephone Bangalore: +91 80 2558594
    Telephone Chennai: +91 44 28518335 / +91 44 28593539
    Telephone Delhi: +91 11 43234444
    Telephone Hyderabad: +91 40 23297094
    Telephone Indore: +91 731 2594993 / +91 731 2594992
    Telephone Jalandhar: +91 181 5053132 / +91 181 5063132
    Telephone Kolkata: +91 33 22901743
    Telephone Mumbai: +91 22 22874721
    Telephone Pune: +91 20 26163260 / +91 20 26163261


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