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Convert to JPMiles with our Conversion Partners

Convert 2 Reward Points into 1 JPMile

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Convert to JPMiles with our Conversion Partners
PNB Rewardz
PNB Rewardz

Convert 2 Reward Points into 1 JPMile

To convert contact partner

Offer Overview

2 Reward Points = 1 JPMile

Offer Summary

PNB’s Credit Card Holders can now redeem Reward Points on PNB Global Credit Card for JPMiles at the rate of 2 Reward Points = 1 JPMile

Redemption of Points for JPMiles

Convert 2 Reward Points = 1 JPMile

For example: If you have 2500 Reward Points on your PNB Global Credit Card, you can redeem them for 1250 JPMiles, and add to your JPMiles balance in your JetPrivilege account .

To redeem Reward Points for JPMiles, PNB’s Credit Card Holder needs to take the following simple steps :

  • The Card holder is eligible for redemption only on accumulation of 500 bonus reward points in his/her card account.
  • Call our 24X7 Call Centre to get your reward point converted to JPMiles.
  • Quote registered mobile number and Jet Privilege number.
  • Specify the number of Reward Points you would like to redeem for JPMiles.
  • The JPMiles will be credited to Jet Privilege account of the card holder within 7 working days.


The customer can redeem online from in following steps-

  • The member has to enter Jet Privilege Membership Number and the Reward Points to be converted
  • A member must have atleast 500 Bank points to convert his points to JPMiles
  • 2 Reward Points = 1 JPMile
  • The member fills the details where the confirmation of the request will be sent
  • A delinquent customer is not allowed to proceed with the redemption
  • For a successful redemption, a receipt will be sent to the user and will be visible on My Account page.

Applicable Promotion Locations

Pan India

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum points needed for redemption is 500.
  • The offer is available only to non-delinquent PNB’s credit Card holders.
  • The offer is valid for PNB cardholders in India only.
  • The facility has been included in the regular Reward redemption options of PNB and can be discontinued at the sole discretion of PNB.
  • All terms and conditions of PNB Reward Point Program and JetPrivilege program apply.

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