Convert to JPMiles with our Conversion Partners

Convert 5 PAYBACK Points = 1 JPMile

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Convert to JPMiles with our Conversion Partners
PAYBACK – JetPrivilege Conversion Partner

Convert 5 PAYBACK Points = 1 JPMiles

Convert Now

Offer Overview

Offer Summary

JetPrivilege Members, who are PAYBACK Members can convert their PAYBACK Points in the below ratios:

5 PAYBACK Points = 1 JPMile

Offer Applicability

Applicable for all PAYBACK Members.

Conversion Process

  • Visit
  • Enter your JetPrivilege membership number.
  • Enter the number of PAYBACK Points you wish to redeem and follow the prompts.

Applicable Promotion Location

For Indian residents only.

Terms and Conditions

  • JetPrivilege Members, who are PAYBACK Members (herein after referred to as “Member”) can request for conversion of “ PAYBACK Points” earned through the PAYBACK Programme into ‘JPMiles’
  • It is compulsory for the JetPrivilege member to quote his / her JetPrivilege number at the time of making the conversion request. Failing to do so, the conversion request will not be entertained
  • The request for conversion of the PAYBACK Points earned on the PAYBACK Account into JPMiles must be made by the Member directly with PAYBACK
  • Credit of JPMiles will be affected in the Member’s JetPrivilege account usually within 10 days from the date of placing the order, unless the Member has communicated incorrect details
  • JPMiles will be credited into the JetPrivilege account (which must be the members JetPrivilege account) given by PAYBACK member at the time of conversion . Any change in the same will not be entertained
  • PAYBACK Points cannot be cancelled or varied once a request for conversion has been placed with PAYBACK
  • On redemption, the PAYBACK Points so redeemed would be automatically subtracted from the accumulated PAYBACK Points in the PAYBACK cardholders account and will reflect in the PAYBACK Statement, available with PAYBACK
  • PAYBACK Points once exchanged for JPMiles cannot be transferred back. Redemptions cannot be cancelled or varied once they have been made
  • All the other program terms and conditions of PAYBACK Program will apply.
  • Redemption of JPMiles earned on account of this arrangement will be subject to JetPrivilege Programme redemption rules which may be amended from time to time
  • Jet Airways and PAYBACK reserve the right to modify, discontinue or terminate this arrangement, at any point without prior notice and shall not be liable to any Member for any such modification, discontinuation or termination. Jet Airways and PAYBACK will in no event be liable for any damages – direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential arising out of this programme
  • These terms & conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian Law. Further, it is irrevocably and unconditionally agreed that the Courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any proceedings in relation to any disputes in any way relating to or concerning this alliance
  • The above Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with PAYBACK Terms and Conditions available on

    Partner Information

    Payback allows its customers to earn Points across various shopping categories on their PAYBACK card. The portfolio includes hundreds of business partners featuring well-known brands and companies in banking, aviation, travel, entertainment, etc. throughout India.

    Partner Contact Details

    Telephone: 1860-258-5000
    Call rates applicable as per your tariff plan for the following cities:
    Timing: 1000 hrs to 2100 hrs (7 days a week).
    Email Address:


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