InterContinental® Hotels Group

Convert to JPMiles with our Conversion Partners

Convert 10000 IHG® Rewards club points to 2000 JPMiles

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Convert to JPMiles with our Conversion Partners
InterContinental Hotels Group – JetPrivilege Partner
InterContinental® Hotels Group

Convert 10000 IHG® Rewards club points to 2000 JPMiles

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Offer Overview

Offer Summary

Members of the IHG® Rewards club programme and JetPrivilege programme can also convert their IHG® Rewards club points for JPMiles at the following exchange rates (current exchange rates are subject to change):

10000 IHG® Rewards club points = 2000 JPMiles

JetPrivilege also has a direct earn relationship with Intercontinental Hotels Group. Know more about JetPrivilege and Intercontinental Hotel Group's direct earn replationship.

NOTE: Transactions done under Convert (Hotel Programs) category may be displayed under the Stay category in your activity tracker and statement.

Offer Applicability

Members of the IHG® Rewards club programme and JetPrivilege programme can convert their IHG® Rewards club points

Terms and Conditions

  • To earn JPMiles, the member needs to be an existing member of the IHG® Rewards club programme
  • To earn JPMiles, member must quote his / her valid IHG® Rewards club account number and verify his/her JetPrivilege membership information at the time of reservation, pay a qualifying rate and present a valid JetPrivilege membership card and IHG Rewards club membership card at check-in
  • JetPrivilege will not be responsible for credit of JPMiles on non-qualifying stays/rates
  • A stay is defined as one night or consecutive nights at the same hotel regardless of the frequency of check in/out. A stay is qualified when paying qualifying rates, which includes most business and leisure rates
  • Members can earn either IHG® Rewards club points or JPMiles for their stay any of the participating properties
  • At the time of reservations or check-in, please confirm with the hotel if the room rate you are paying, qualifies for earning JPMiles
  • JetPrivilege and IHG® Rewards club programme terms and conditions apply
  • IHG® Rewards club points converted to JPMiles or credits earned from stays are posted to the JetPrivilege membership account within 4-6 weeks from transaction date

    Partner Information

    InterContinental® Hotels Group (IHG®) is one of the world's largest hotel groups by number of rooms. It owns, manages, leases or franchises over 4,500 hotels and more than 650,000 guest rooms in 100 countries and territories around the world.

    Partner Location Details

    To know more about the participating properties or any other information please visit our Website:

    Partner Contact Details

    For further queries:
    Call our Toll Free number (India): 1 800 111 000
    Asia Pacific: +632 857 8788
    Fax: +632 8578787
    Email Address:
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