Key Points - Claim Past JPMiles

Claim Missing JPMiles
Due to temporary suspension of Jet Airways flight operations, this service is currently unavailable.
Key Points you need to know about claiming past JPMiles
  • Please allow up to 6 days, from your date of travel, for the JPMiles earned on Jet Airways to be credited to your account. With airline partners (other than Jet Airways) and non-airline partners, the JPMiles earned may take 6-8 weeks to reflect in the account.
  • To claim JPMiles for activities done with our programme partners (airline partners other than Jet Airways, and non-airline partners) please contact the JetPrivilege Service Centre with relevant proof of activity i.e. original or clear photo copy of :
    1. Ticket and Boarding Pass for airline partners
    2. Invoices for non-airline partners
  • You can claim JPMiles for flights taken on Jet Airways in the last 180 days from the current date. With airline partners (other than Jet Airways) and non-airline partners, JPMiles can be claimed for flights taken/activities done in the last 180 days from the current date and not preceding the date of enrolment.
  • Claiming JPMiles for flights will not be possible if the guest's name on the flight ticket differs from that on the membership card
  • The JetPrivilege Service Centre will contact the concerned partner to verify your claim. In case the partner rejects the claim the JetPrivilege Service Centre will send you an email informing you why your claim has been denied.
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